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September 07, 2004

Hello from Douglas, MA!

Oh my - we're home!!!

At about 9:45pm last night, Monday, September 6 we pulled up alongside our house after roughly 129 days on the road. The house seems to be in great shape, and after living in a trailer for 4+ months the house seems larger than we remember. Our trailer, even at 32' long, could nearly fit into our kitchen. Amazing.

We had a great time at moe.down, which we'll write more about later. We'll also be sure to round out the blog with more details and photos of the stops from the latter half of our trip. Today we start the unpacking process - what fun!

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September 18, 2004

Photos from Houston

I've organized our photos from Houston, TX, from the end of June. Wow, I can't believe this was over two months ago!

One highlight was NASA's Johnson Space Center. When arriving in Houston I researched the visitor's center and found the regular public tour to be very limiting. They also offered a fancier tour (called the "Level 9" tour), limited to 12 people per day and very thorough. Alysa wasn't very interested so I flew solo. If you ever visit Houston and have interest in the space program, by all means take this Level 9 tour. You need reservations, and it's not cheap ($62.50), but as you'll see in the photos you see the real stuff not just a touristy version. On the flip side, the public visitor's center is just awful, more a cheesy amusement park than anything else.

You'll find photos (and one movie!) of our ferris wheel ride at a shopping area on Galveston Bay, and you can finally get the answer to those nagging questions, "Can I buy a gallon jug of Tabasco sauce? What would it cost?"

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