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May 05, 2004

Arrival in Clarksboro, NJ

Hello from Southern NJ, not far from Philly! Due to horrid net access at our first stop, this is our first official entry of the trip. We'll write more later to fill in the blanks, but thus far we:

-Drove from Douglas, MA to Plattekill, NY (just outside Newburgh, about an hour north of NYC). Arrived after dark, which wasn't that bad. Stayed at the KOA in Plattekill which was quite nice.

-Installed a laptop at Alysa's parents' house, and trained them on email and web browsing. They're doing very well!

-Ate lots of food, including an Indian buffet and (another night) a Chinese buffet.

-Spent a day in Manhattan, where we ate at (where else) the Carnegie Deli. Spent some time with Marilyn. To answer a common question: No, we did not drive the truck (nor trailer!) into Manhattan. We're crazy, but even we didn't try that. We took the Metro North train from Beacon.

Speaking of which, we did some shopping in Beacon. We didn't spend a great deal of time there, but it appears to be a nice art/antique shopping community. Worth a look the next time we're in the area.

We drove from Plattekill to Clarksboro, arriving at around 4pm today. We traveled through lovely Newark along the New Jersey Turnpike. What a depressing sight. Southern NJ is quite pretty. The campground we're at (Timberlane) is nothing special but it's surrounded by farmland and not far from reasonable civilization. We're at this location mostly to visit Jessica and Jon, but I'm sure we'll do some tourist stuff too.

We're still on cell-phone-modem for internet access but the signal is good, so more updates should be forthcoming. The satellite dish should arrive soon - yahoo! Our plan is to stay here through Monday morning, then head south to the D.C. area.

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May 06, 2004

First photo gallery

Check out our first photo gallery of the trip!
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May 09, 2004

Last night in Jersey

It's Sunday night, our last night in New Jersey. We've had a very busy few days here - but lots of fun. We've spent lots of quality time with Jessica, Jon, and their daughter Millie. Today we went into Philly. Had a great Mother's Day brunch at the Philadelphia Westin. Saw the Liberty Bell. Then met up with Karen and Carl, saw their great apartment (roof deck!) and went to a fine Italian restaurant.

Photos of our NJ stay will be posted shortly. Tomorrow we're on to the DC area. We're staying in College Park, MD for about a week. Plans are to see Alysa's aunt and uncle (Janine and Ira) along with lots of DC-area tourist attractions.

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May 11, 2004

Hello from College Park, MD

Just a quick Hello from the DC area. We arrived late yesterday afternoon after a very hot drive from NJ. The hazy hot and humid days sure do start earlier as one gets further south!

We're in the Cherry Hill RV park, which is in College Park, MD. This is a very large park, with two swimming pools, a restaurant, etc. It sure isn't rural like our first stop in NY, but quite functional. One funny note - as we arrived, the couple "next door" recognized us from the NJ campground; they were also just there. On the other side is a couple heading to Webster, MA (next to our hometown of Douglas) in a few weeks. Small world!

Today I finally got a haircut and explored the area a bit. Later today we're meeting Alysa's aunt, uncle and cousins. Tomorrow we'll do some serious touring.

On the technical front the park offers wireless (WiFi) internet access for a very reasonable price. So for this week, no worried about cell-phone-modems or satellite dishes - yeay!

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May 12, 2004

Photos from NJ!

Photos from our stop in New Jersey (with a brief excursion to Philly) are now online.

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May 15, 2004

Lots to see in DC!

It's Saturday morning here in DC, and oh my there's lots to do here. We've had a very busy week thus far, and actually plan to extend our stay until Monday so we have another day of sightseeing.

We've had some nice quality time with Alysa's aunt, uncle, and cousins. We've seen the new Air and Space Museum annex near Dulles airport - WOW! Imagine a single-building indoor museum with such artifacts as the Concorde, an SR-71 jet, the Enola Gay, and a space shuttle. Not miniatures; the real thing.

Yesterday we saw the National Archives, Supreme Court, and Library of Congress. It was impressive to see the original Constitution.

We'll be writing more and posting photos when we have a chance. Right now we're getting ready for another day of touring, including the Capitol. Stay tuned!

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May 16, 2004

Last day in D.C.

Hi all! Today is my first blog entry, and our last day in D.C. I wanted to add to Mitch's D.C. entry as well as complete our stay.
We really enjoyed our visit with my family. It was, as I am sure they would agree, wild to see them after so many years. Also, it was wonderful to meet cousins and cousins- in- law that I had never met. I truly hope it won't be any where near as long until we can see one another again. We all met at my Aunt and Uncles house and from there went out to eat at a cute restaurant where we had a room to ourselves. During the evening I heard 2 slightly different versions of an old classic story my dad tells. I'll call it "the mushroom story!" One version from my uncle and one from Derek, my cousin Brian's son!

The following day we got a great tour of the Hirshorn Museum from my aunt. Then her friend kindly gave us a ride on her "party boat" on their lake. We stayed for a nice dinner with my aunt and uncle after that.
Mitch told you about Thursday and Friday.
Saturday we went back into D.C to spend the day. Our first stop was going to be the Capitol tour. On our way in we noticed several policemen from different states on the train. It turned out they were also on their way to the Capitol. They were going to the annual memorial for fallen police officers. George W. was to be the Key note speaker. We saw he and several others speak. And, as cool as it was to see a president speak, it did not sway our political party views in the least! If nothing else it confirmed them! That day we also went on the Capitol tour, went to see the monuments, (Lincoln, Washington, and the new WW II), and to see the White House.
Today we went to the Smithsonean,( that doesn't look right ),Zoo. Tomorrow off to Virginia Beach and to see Naomi. Boy do my feet need a rest!!!!

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May 21, 2004

Photos from DC!

Don't worry, we haven't been swallowed up by the sea. We've been taking advantage of some R&R here in Virginia Beach. And we've been busy going through all our photos from DC. We really did a lot! And took a total of 1,389 photos during our seven-night stay.

But don't worry, we edited things down a bit, and split the photos into three categories.

First is the Family album, 32 photos with Alysa's aunt, uncle, and cousins. But don't skip over this one, as it includes our expertly-guided tour of the Hirshhorn museum, a beautiful boat ridea, and of course several birds and ducks.

Next is the Air & Space Museum Annex album, 56 photos from the new Steven F. Udvar-Hazy Center near Dulles Airport. This is an incredible indoor museum of aircraft, everything from early flight to the Concorde, and even a Space Shuttle!

And last is a "miscellaneous" album of everything else, a whopping 132 photos from our tours of the Capitol, National Archives, Supreme Court, and the Library of Congress, and the National Zoo. Also a speech by the President (like him or not), the Lincoln Memorial, the new World War II memorial, the exterior of the White House, and of course even more birds and ducks.

Tonight we went to a birthday party. We didn't know the birthday girl, Cristy, but for free ice cream cake we'll go anywhere! Actually Cristy is friends with Naomi, with whom we spent some quality time with down here. More on our time with Naomi and Virginia Beach in general shortly. Tomorrow we're leaving town, heading further South to the Raleigh, NC area. More reports from the road will be coming soon!

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May 24, 2004

Hello from Raleigh, NC!

We arrived in the Raleigh area Saturday afternoon, after an uneventful five-hour drive from Virginia Beach. The campground here is by far the most rural and remote we've seen. We're on Jordan Lake in a state park, and the campground is run by the state of North Carolina. The park is beautiful but lacks the modern facilities of a commercial park. Of the roughly 500 spots in the park, only about 20 are pull-throughs (meaning, in theory, we can drive forward to both enter and exit our site). And only ten of those have electricity. Thankfully we found a pull-through with 30A electrical service so we're nicely air-conditioned. We also have water (again, not at every site). There are no sewer connections at any site, nor any luxuries like cable hookup or WiFi internet access.

But we're 200 feet from Jordan Lake. It's quiet. No neighbors. On the way back in last night we saw several deer.

One big downside of being here is no internet access. Verizon has no service in the park so our phones are roaming, meaning no internet access at all. I'm writing this offline, in anticipation of connecting the satellite dish later today.

Last night we went to dinner with Alysa's friend Heather and her husband Will. After dinner we went to Mitch's Tavern - we just couldn't resist. The plan while we're here is for Alysa to show me around Raleigh and some of her favorite spots. If you didn't know, she called Raleigh home for four years in the mid/late-90's.

We'll write more soon, and give a full recap of our relaxing time in Virginia Beach. [Message actually posted Monday afternoon. We're out seeing some of Alysa's favorite places; had lunch at the Shiny Diner and saw her old apartments!]

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May 29, 2004

Photos from Virginia Beach!

Please take a look through our Virginia Beach photo album. This is a mere 19 photos, a much simpler collection than our previous stop!

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May 30, 2004

Nearing end of Raleigh visit

We're nearing the end of our Raleigh stop, and have determined our next three.

This Tuesday (June 1) we're headed further west for a brief stop in Asheville, NC. We'll be there three nights. The main draw in the area is the Biltmore estate.

From Asheville we're headed for two stops in Tennessee. The first is a six night stay in Nashville. We're sure to see the Grand Ol' Oprey and whatever other tourist traps await us. We're very excited about this stop because it'll be the first state where neither of us have ever been.

On the tenth of June we're headed to the small town of Manchester, TN for the Bonnaroo music festival. Despite the southern location the festival is rock n' roll, featuring performers such as Bob Dylan, Dave Matthews, The Dead, Primus, and of course our friends moe. The festival runs three days, and we'll be at the site four nights.

Following Bonnaroo we're headed to parts unknown. Most likely south towards New Orleans, then westward to Texas. You may be wondering "what happened to Atlanta?" Originally we planned to be there this weekend but we were enjoying ourselves in Raleigh and wanted to visit Tennessee next. Sorry Atlanta, but you've been cut from our whirlwind tour.

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