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May 20, 2006

Obligatory hammock entry

So it's been four months and five days since our last entry. No, we haven't gone on another RV trip. Nor has there been nothing to write about.

So it being a reasonably nice spring day (with some current threat of rain) I'm on the hammock. It's in the woods, and easier to get to thanks to a path we carved out last December. The WiFi situation has improved so I'm online. If Heaven has a hammock and WiFi I'll have no trouble in the afterlife.

I just finished the first lawn-mowing of the season. It being May 20th that means the grass was a bit lengthy. We've seen significant rainfall lately which sure helped things out. After mowing I spent an hour or so adding seed in various dead spots.

In a bit of a scientific experiment I seeded three ways. One area got Scott's Patchmaster, this pastel-green fuzzy stuff supposedly containing seed and fertilizer in the perfect combination. I prepared the area per instructions, and applied appropriately. I've used this before and although it takes longer to grow than advertised it otherwise works as advertised. Sections two and three received a mix of regular grass seed and fertilizer (hand-mixed). Section two was raked in reasonably well. Section three is the lazy section; I just dropped the stuff on dry ground without any preparation. I'll report back in a few weeks on said seeding success.

We've had three or four major events since January worth blogging about on their own. I'll add entries on their own, but the brief stories...

February saw our annual pilgrimage south to Florida. We had great weather and did very little other than sit in the sun. The big decision each day was whether to sit at the pool with the hot tub, the pool near the ocean, or on the beach itself. Yeah, rough life.

In March we had a "puff-back" - there the oil furnace decides to run in reverse sending soot throughout the house. Everything turned a nice shade of dark gray. Including the cats. Everyone is fine, and after significant cleaning (thank you Commerce Insurance!) mostly everything is back to normal. We're still sorting out a few details but they'll be buying us new carpets, some new paint, blinds, etc. The soot also chewed up some electronics, something I didn't expect. The PowerMac G5 was running at the time and sucked the soot straight through the processors. Yeah, it's dead. I needed something quick so I picked up a nice new MacBook Pro. The Denon receiver also bit the dust (quite literally), and was quickly replaced by a new Sony 3100ES. A Mac Mini also found its way into our home entertainment system.

In February I made a major decision, that I'd run for Board of Selectmen here in lovely Douglas, MA. This wasn't a great shock - I've been involved in town government for years and have thought about it for a while. The whole process deserves a dozen blog entries. Long story short I was indeed elected on May 9th. There's more on this at

We've got a few other interesting things to report but should save something for later!

Oh, along with the obligatory blog entry must come the obligatory iTunes report. Currently listening to Xavier Rudd's album "Solace". Which is good, but I like "To Let" quite a bit more.

It's suddenly become chilly and the music is cutting out (I'm on the older Powerbook G4 which doesn't have great WiFi strength) so time to head back inside. I believe rain is on its way. Not good for an outdoor hammock but wonderful for the new lawn seed!

Here are a few photos for your amusement...

Below, Debbie, Allison, Meesha, and Alysa at the clubhouse in Florida, February 2006:

Img 9585 3-1

Below, Simon posing with his sooty paw:
Img 9844 2-1

Below, Mitch on assignment (for real!) shooting for moe in Lake Placid, March 2006. Groovy gloves huh?
Img 8558

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