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January 15, 2006

Jimmy and Bob and Walter, Oh My!

This is your pilot speaking. Ok, I'm just a passenger. But I'm writing from 35,000 feet or so over the central part of the country somewhere between San Francisco and Chicago. My first airplane-written blog entry, how exciting huh?

I'm on my way back home from the MacWorld Expo in San Francisco. While there I met three very interesting people. "Met" is overstating all three, but it's my blog and I'll embellish where I so choose. :-)

Walter MurchThe first was Walter Murch, a fantastic film editor best known for Apocalypse Now, Cold Mountain, Godfather III, The English Patient, Ghost, and a million others. He spoke, of all strange places, at the Filemaker booth. He's well known in the Mac community as having broke ground editing the first major motion picture (Cold Mountain) completely on Macs with Final Cut Pro. Turns out he's been using Filemaker (and its predecessors) for many years to help organize the many shots that go into his work. It was an interesting talk about the whole editing process. Other than being within ten feet of the guy I never spoke to him, but did enjoy the talk.

The second was Bob Weir, member of the Grateful Dead (now The Dead). This has a funny story. I can't quite explain why he was there, as it wasn't for a public performance or talk, but related to a nonprofit music foundation that has a presence at the expo. Alysa's a huge fan so this made her quite jealous. After taking a few photos I thought I'd give her a call to gloat. As I'm dialing Bob walks almost immediately next to me. So after a very brief conversation with Alysa I walk two steps to Bob and ask him to say Hello to Alysa! He was perhaps confused, but obviously a decent guy and went along for the ride. Alysa apparently was starstruck. "Ummm... Hiiiiiiii Bob........" and "My husband put me in a very awkward position!" were I think her comments. He was very kind, said a few words, and handed the phone back. For those who have known me a while know this isn't the first time I've handed a cell phone to a "celebrity." The same happened with Katie Couric perhaps a decade ago. But that was B.A. (Before Alysa) and this was especially cool since Alysa is a big fan of Bob's.

Bob Weir

Jimmy Carter standingThe third and final encounter was with someone I admire tremendously, former President Jimmy Carter. Friday morning before the show, I was flipping through some list of area events and discovered he was doing a book signing just a few blocks from the Expo, after the expo had ended. I knew this would be a fast-paced signing with no chance for chitchat. But being in the presence of a Nobel Peace Prize winner and perhaps one of our greatest former Presidents was truly an excellent experience. I was able to take some photos, behind lines guarded by Secret Service agents of course. (And I almost saw a guy get decked by an Agent - really!)

So I thought all of this (plus a never-ending flight home) warranted an airplane-written entry.

The show was great too. Apple introduced two now Mac computers based on a new chip. This will cause some short-term angst due to required software upgrades, but Apple thinks for the long-term and for the long-term this is a good move. I won't bore our three readers with technobabble, so enough about that!

Not to go unmentioned, I spent the week with Herb in Walnut Creek (driving/BART-ing into San Francisco for the show each day). We ate very well, including two of our usual spots - the Stinking Rose and Buca di Beppo. The former is a "garlic restaurant" with the motto "We flavor our garlic with food." And they're right. Good stuff. Buca is our place to eat more than humanly possible - it's a family-style restaurant with huge portions. Both highly recommended. Below is the Pepperoni pizza from Buca di Beppo.

Buca Pepperoni

(By the way I'm just writing this in the airplane - I'm not fancy enough to be posting from the air!)

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