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November 23, 2005

So how tall are 2654 photos?

Img 8863-1Like most in this digital age I've gone nearly 100% digital with photography. If you've scanned our RV trip blog you know how I like to take pictures. Recently we've been grappling with a big downside of digital photography - no prints to peruse in a physical album. Ok, calling that a "problem" is perhaps overstating the issue. But there's something enjoyable about a real photo album. I've done some catching-up on our prints.

But first let me back up a moment. When Alysa convinced me to buy or make prints I had to do a little research. First, I considered and rejected printing everything myself. I have a little Canon 4x6 printer which is quite good but costly per print, and my Epson inkjet is better suited for larger sizes. Going out to a vendor was the best choice for the volume of print we needed. I selected about 25 varied photos and sent them to several vendors - Kodak, Snapfish, Club Photo, PhotoWorks, and a local photo store.

When all the test photos came back I compared the results - the details of which I should really post here as its own lengthy entry. Bottom line was Kodak won as overall best results. Kodak has two ways to receive your prints - either through the mail or picking up at a local CVS. The results are exactly identical (I tried them both as part of my testing). CVS doesn't do any of the printing, they're just a pickup spot. Kodak gets you for a small "convenience fee" but not shipping fee and the photos are ready the next day.

Img 8874So with the results in, next up was ordering photos. Without going into detail I chose photos from early 2002 through mid-summer 2004. I'd already sorted through the photos in this range so there was no lengthy selection process. How many photos? 2654 of them. I found a coupon for Kodak's service that saved a little cash, so away I went. Total cost: $294.09. Not bad really, considering the time span that covers.

I got a good laugh from the CVS folks when picking up this order. I'd clearly set a record for them. But major kudos to Kodak who didn't miss a beat. They'd notified me of printing completion just a few hours after placing the order, and the next morning they arrived at CVS.

So I know you're all asking - exactly how tall is a stack of 2654 photos? Me being me I had to find out. The answer (including paper envelopes) is 24-5/8ths inches. Weight? 20 pounds.

Now lets see if we can really get these into albums!

Posted by Mitch at November 23, 2005 10:29 PM
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