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September 26, 2005

I'm also not the Mitch Cohen who...

While on the subject of who I'm not, I thought I'd google myself to see what else I'd find. I'm not the Mitch Cohen who investigates infectious diseases for the Center for Disease Control - he was on TV a lot during the anthrax attacks a few years back. I'm also not the Mitch Cohen who co-edits the Green Party's official newspaper, "Green Politix." I've driven through Mississippi but I'm not the freelance writer from Oxford and runs his own blog. I'm thankfully not Mitch Cohen the music promoter, since he's dead. I'm definitely not the Mitch Cohen who broke his knee surfing in 2004. Neither am I the Mitch Cohen who will marry you in Florida for $250, ceremony music included. There's a Mitchell Stuart Cohen working for Intel, and despite the name similarity (my middle name is Stewart) he isn't me. The same Mitch Cohen is soon to marry Danielle - congrats to them both. Turtle racing? This Mitch Cohen is actually the President of the New York State Turtle Racing Authority. I've been accused of being creative, yet I'm not this artist Mitch Cohen. Rabbi Mitch Cohen runs the Ramah system of summer camping, but he's not me. I have no rhythm so I couldn't possibly be drummer Mitch Cohen of the band Mamadou. Dr. Mitch Cohen's laboratory at the University of Cincinnati is focused on elucidating mechanisms of intestinal secretion resulting from infectious, inflammatory or allergic responses - certainly not me. This Mitch Cohen had good success with ear surgery, but I don't need ear surgery. Deputy District Attorney Mitch Cohen works in Las Vegas, where I've been but am not him.

I'm also not Eugene Levy, who played a character named Mitch Cohen in the funny movie A Mighty Wind. In David Mamet's wonderful movie State and Main, Sarah Jessica Parker's agent is Mitch Cohen but he's never actually seen.

Posted by Mitch at September 26, 2005 12:55 PM

Thanks for the well wishes on the wedding. I like this post a bunch! I think its a good synopsis on my feelings as well. I was quite pleased to find this on google's blogsearch, I can't believe people are reading my stuff! NICE

Nice to see another Mitch S. Cohen out there.


Posted by: Mitch Cohen at October 7, 2005 04:35 PM
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