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September 06, 2005

Hello from the hammock

I'm currently enjoying my favorite spot in the house, which isn't in the house at all. About 100 feet into the woods behind the house itself is a rope hammock, placed here for the occasional visit. Through the trees I can vaguely make out our house, and also one neighbor's house. We have two acres, mostly wooded, so I could easily have placed the hammock more remotely. But getting here would be even harder (there is no path and the brush is quite thick) and getting home would invariably get me lost. We're considering cutting an informal path which would make getting here easier.

As promised, none of this is of much interest to anyone!

Apparently all the rage for blogs is to include a comment on the music the author is listening to. On the iPod is Yes, their album "Time and a Word."

On the technical front one of my goals for the hammock is to gain WiFi access to the house. Two years ago I did have it. But I've since changed the wireless equipment in the house (and its location) and no longer can I pick up the signal. So when I'm here and need net access I'll use my Treo 650's modem capability. There is some negative thought regarding accessing the internet from such a relaxing location but, well, I am what I am!

Weather is perfect - low 70's, only a very slight breeze, and thankfully not buggy at all.

This is my favorite place to read - perhaps the only place where I'm not too distracted to read - so it may also be a great place to write. Once the winter comes I'll naturally search for other locations. If you're new here, we live in Massachusetts, USA, which gets quite cold several months of the year.

Posted by Mitch at September 6, 2005 04:05 PM
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