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September 06, 2005

Anniversary of the grand return

Today, September 6, 2005 is the one-year anniversary of our return home from the big RV trip. Considering there have been a grand total of seven entries since our return, we obviously won't win any blogging awards. Not that I'm interested in such things, but it's a shame we've posted so rarely. So, on this anniversary, I'm going to attempt more regular blog entries.

The idea has been rolling in both our heads for some time. What convinced me was, while driving back from moe.down yesterday, realizing how many friends I owe emails back to. I get a bit busy between work, town stuff, and endless hobbies - so personal emails have the tendency to pile up. When I do get the chance to write, I find myself telling the same stories again and again. So in a way, I'm hoping the blog will help us keep in touch with our good friends who are always wondering why I don't respond to emails. I'm not sure if Alysa will also add entries, but I suspect she will.

The blog will also give me a chance to write some random thoughts, whether on computers, politics, or whatever comes to mind. Nobody really needs to read this stuff but it may as well go somewhere. So when I'm old and senile, someone can read me back the blog to remind me of my youth (if being 38 is still considered youth - I do).

So without further ado - I shall begin blogging!

Posted by Mitch at September 6, 2005 03:51 PM
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