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September 18, 2004

Photos from Houston

I've organized our photos from Houston, TX, from the end of June. Wow, I can't believe this was over two months ago!

One highlight was NASA's Johnson Space Center. When arriving in Houston I researched the visitor's center and found the regular public tour to be very limiting. They also offered a fancier tour (called the "Level 9" tour), limited to 12 people per day and very thorough. Alysa wasn't very interested so I flew solo. If you ever visit Houston and have interest in the space program, by all means take this Level 9 tour. You need reservations, and it's not cheap ($62.50), but as you'll see in the photos you see the real stuff not just a touristy version. On the flip side, the public visitor's center is just awful, more a cheesy amusement park than anything else.

You'll find photos (and one movie!) of our ferris wheel ride at a shopping area on Galveston Bay, and you can finally get the answer to those nagging questions, "Can I buy a gallon jug of Tabasco sauce? What would it cost?"

Posted by Mitch at September 18, 2004 09:36 AM
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