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July 25, 2004

Grand Canyon adventures

Greetings from the Grand Canyon. We're staying at an RV park just a mile from the canyon park entrance, which has turned out to be very convenient. From the park we have reasonable internet access and walking distance from the few restaurants and shops in the local area. Cell phone service does not exist here so we've had to re-learn how to use payphones.

We arrived here Friday afternoon, after our short stay in Sedona. Sedona is beautiful, a cute little town surrounded by oddly shaped red mountains. It's very touristy, with a town center of souvenir stores and many choices of jeep tours and timeshare offers. We took a great jeep tour of the Sedona backcountry area. This was on an extended-length jeep with 36" tires. You know those ads where they drive the nice SUV's over boulders to show off? That's really what we did. A bumpy ride, but lots of fun.

The ride into and out of Sedona was filled with elevation changes. Down on the way in, up on the way out. On the way in we went south on 89A from Flagstaff, which turned out to be a very windy, mountain road. Lovely scenery, but not meant for big RVs. We made it fine though. We took a different route on the way out which was more straightforward.

After settling in here Friday, we made a quick trip into the canyon park to see the Grand Canyon for ourselves. It's big! We knew that of course, just amazing to see firsthand. We partially walked a nice paved path at sunset, then headed back to the trailer for the night.

Saturday we met up with my friend Tony, his girlfriend Naima, and her son Sylas. (Look folks - you made the blog!) We had a good breakfast at a local restaurant, watched some funny things on the computer (including the infamous "Wizard of Oz with Pez dispensers" film from college), and they headed home when a thunderstorm approached. Alysa and I ran a few errands, had dinner, and saw an IMAX movie about the Grand Canyon.

Today we were hoping to take a guided van tour of the Canyon area, but the tour guide that was recommended to us is very hard to reach. We will do some more walking around there today, and find some other tour for another day. We're also thinking of taking a helicopter tour, to see everything from the air.

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