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July 14, 2004

Bonnaroo photos (finally!)

After a month (!!!) I finally have the Bonnaroo photos sorted and commented. I took about 1100 photos this weekend, and they've been narrowed down to 345 and organized by day.

A brief recap... Bonnaroo was a weekend-long music festival in mid-June about an hour southeast of Nashville, TN. The event was attended by 90,000+ fans, and is expected to be the highest grossing music event of the year. You may want to read our earlier entries here and here. The photos tell most of the story but I'll include some additional info here. For those who haven't seen my moe.down photos (sorry, they're offline now) I'm much more interested in images of the crowd than the performers. You'll find some on-stage photos here but not too many.

A mild note of caution - when you get 90,000 people onto a farm for a weekend, you can expect some people to wear and do some strange things you wouldn't normally see out in the real world. Some images fall into the strong PG-13 category.

If you were at Bonnaroo, especially if we met or are in one of these photos, drop me a note to say Hi.

The 49 Thursday photos tell of our lengthy trip from Nashville to Bonnaroo. While only an hour away, the trip took twelve hours, mostly in a very long line of cars.

The 82 Friday photos begin to explore the site, the people (with their fun hats!), and the music. Included are photos of Ani DiFranco, Bob Dylan, and Dave Matthews on stage.

The 92 Saturday photos start with a brief visit to the outside world, some odd religious freaks, further explore the unique crowd at the festival, and some photos and aftermath of heavy rain. Also, photos of Steve Winwood.

The 122 Sunday photos include a thorough tour of the campgrounds, lots of mud, and our late-night departure. Here you'll see photos of Antigone Rising, moe., Guster, and David Byrne.

One funny story not told in the photos is the security check on the way in. Click the "continue reading" link below for that one.

They're very cautious of security, so all vehicles are checked. Among the prohibited items are pets. I'm guessing they don't want dogs running loose, but they were quite vocal that pets were not welcome. For those not following our story, we're traveling cross-country in an RV (truck and trailer) with our two cats, Simon and Zoe. They're very much indoor cats so we had no worries of them getting lost. But we were warned in no uncertain terms that if you had pets, you'd be turned away. Ok, but how much would they check, or even care?

So after eleven hours of towing the trailer we're near the security check. We notice a security person is going inside each RV. So we develop a foolproof plan - hide the cats under the bed. Ok, it's not that cruel. The queen-size bed in the trailer is built on a platform, and a hole provides access to storage underneath. It's the cats favorite place, and they're under there half the time anyway. Alysa places a laundry hamper in front of the hole, keeping the cats inside. She hides the litter box in the shower. We're ready to go. I suspect all they really care about is that we're not hiding people without tickets in the trailer.

We arrive at the security check, and one person requests to go into the trailer and I go with him. We're a little nervous about the litter box being a giveaway, so I come up with a small idea to keep things simple - I tell him we only have one working 12V (battery) light, far away from the shower and bedroom. He has a flashlight (many trailers have no battery lights so he isn't alarmed), and really starts to go through the place - nearly every drawer and cabinet is opened. He asks if we have any guns, which of course we don't. Then he asks if we have any dogs - twice! Yikes, they're serious about this pet stuff. He quickly opens the shower curtain but apparently didn't realize the large plastic box in the shower was a litter box. Phew. He makes his way to the bedroom. I'm still a little nervous (the cat food is in a cabinet by the bed) but suspect all will be ok.

He shines the flashlight briefly across the bed, and asks me to move the comforter out of the way. Ok. OH NO!!!! There, in the far corner of the bed, is ZOE!!! Just sitting there pretty, having somehow found her way out from under the bed. I VERY quickly move the comforter - to cover her up. Oh my. He looks again, sees nothing, and the security check was over. My heart is racing though. Thank goodness I'd said the lights were out; if on, she would have been plainly visible. Phew phew phew. So we were finally through security, and the cats had a great time listening to music and looking out the windows at all the odd people.

Posted by Mitch at July 14, 2004 01:52 PM


I love the photos from Bonnaroo. Thanks for including Guster. Adam just saw them AGAIN last week at the Fleet Boston Pavillion. I couldn't deal with the mud or the crowds, but would have loved to have a private concert type thing.


PS: Modem at home was the culprit. Can't remember if I ever told you.

Posted by: beth at July 14, 2004 06:43 PM


Hope you enjoyed this experience - it would have been too much for us!

We are viewing the photos at Panera on Route 30 in Framingham where they have free Wi-Fi. We're also eating dinner here.

Posted by: Mom and Dad at July 17, 2004 06:13 PM

Love the photos! BTW, still haven't heard about India may push the trip off a week or so...Will let you know.

Posted by: Herb at July 17, 2004 11:01 PM

Hey Mitch & Alysa, great blog! Love the Bonnaroo photos! I'm finally getting a chance to read a bit of your blog and look at some photos. Sounds & looks like an amazing trip. Have an idea where you'll be around Labor Day? I could use a vacation! I posted a comment today on one of your DC entries. Realize now that you probably wouldn't see it since it unless I pointed it out. Happy travels!

Posted by: Evelyn at July 22, 2004 06:05 PM
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