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June 23, 2004

Photos from Asheville, and more from Raleigh

Oh my - how times flies! We've been in New Orleans nearly a week, and no updates at all! First we have some photos to take care of.

The first set are a few additional photos from our time in Raleigh. All are from our trip on Heather and Will's new boat. We used one of those waterproof single-use cameras and didn't get it developed until the end of our Nashville stop.

The second set are those from Asheville, NC. This includes a trip to the massive Biltmore Estate. They don't allow photos inside the mansion - but I snuck a few anyway. Also are some photos on our white-water kayaking trip (again, using a throw-away camera).

Posted by Mitch at June 23, 2004 01:27 AM
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