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May 30, 2004

Nearing end of Raleigh visit

We're nearing the end of our Raleigh stop, and have determined our next three.

This Tuesday (June 1) we're headed further west for a brief stop in Asheville, NC. We'll be there three nights. The main draw in the area is the Biltmore estate.

From Asheville we're headed for two stops in Tennessee. The first is a six night stay in Nashville. We're sure to see the Grand Ol' Oprey and whatever other tourist traps await us. We're very excited about this stop because it'll be the first state where neither of us have ever been.

On the tenth of June we're headed to the small town of Manchester, TN for the Bonnaroo music festival. Despite the southern location the festival is rock n' roll, featuring performers such as Bob Dylan, Dave Matthews, The Dead, Primus, and of course our friends moe. The festival runs three days, and we'll be at the site four nights.

Following Bonnaroo we're headed to parts unknown. Most likely south towards New Orleans, then westward to Texas. You may be wondering "what happened to Atlanta?" Originally we planned to be there this weekend but we were enjoying ourselves in Raleigh and wanted to visit Tennessee next. Sorry Atlanta, but you've been cut from our whirlwind tour.

Posted by Mitch at May 30, 2004 11:26 PM

Enjoy yourselves in Asheville and try getting some good decorating ideas during your tour of the Biltmore estate.

We're enjoying your photos and details of yur trip.

Miss you,
Mom and Dad

Posted by: Mom and Dad at June 2, 2004 04:06 PM
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