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May 24, 2004

Hello from Raleigh, NC!

We arrived in the Raleigh area Saturday afternoon, after an uneventful five-hour drive from Virginia Beach. The campground here is by far the most rural and remote we've seen. We're on Jordan Lake in a state park, and the campground is run by the state of North Carolina. The park is beautiful but lacks the modern facilities of a commercial park. Of the roughly 500 spots in the park, only about 20 are pull-throughs (meaning, in theory, we can drive forward to both enter and exit our site). And only ten of those have electricity. Thankfully we found a pull-through with 30A electrical service so we're nicely air-conditioned. We also have water (again, not at every site). There are no sewer connections at any site, nor any luxuries like cable hookup or WiFi internet access.

But we're 200 feet from Jordan Lake. It's quiet. No neighbors. On the way back in last night we saw several deer.

One big downside of being here is no internet access. Verizon has no service in the park so our phones are roaming, meaning no internet access at all. I'm writing this offline, in anticipation of connecting the satellite dish later today.

Last night we went to dinner with Alysa's friend Heather and her husband Will. After dinner we went to Mitch's Tavern - we just couldn't resist. The plan while we're here is for Alysa to show me around Raleigh and some of her favorite spots. If you didn't know, she called Raleigh home for four years in the mid/late-90's.

We'll write more soon, and give a full recap of our relaxing time in Virginia Beach. [Message actually posted Monday afternoon. We're out seeing some of Alysa's favorite places; had lunch at the Shiny Diner and saw her old apartments!]

Posted by Mitch at May 24, 2004 02:46 PM
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