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May 05, 2004

Arrival in Clarksboro, NJ

Hello from Southern NJ, not far from Philly! Due to horrid net access at our first stop, this is our first official entry of the trip. We'll write more later to fill in the blanks, but thus far we:

-Drove from Douglas, MA to Plattekill, NY (just outside Newburgh, about an hour north of NYC). Arrived after dark, which wasn't that bad. Stayed at the KOA in Plattekill which was quite nice.

-Installed a laptop at Alysa's parents' house, and trained them on email and web browsing. They're doing very well!

-Ate lots of food, including an Indian buffet and (another night) a Chinese buffet.

-Spent a day in Manhattan, where we ate at (where else) the Carnegie Deli. Spent some time with Marilyn. To answer a common question: No, we did not drive the truck (nor trailer!) into Manhattan. We're crazy, but even we didn't try that. We took the Metro North train from Beacon.

Speaking of which, we did some shopping in Beacon. We didn't spend a great deal of time there, but it appears to be a nice art/antique shopping community. Worth a look the next time we're in the area.

We drove from Plattekill to Clarksboro, arriving at around 4pm today. We traveled through lovely Newark along the New Jersey Turnpike. What a depressing sight. Southern NJ is quite pretty. The campground we're at (Timberlane) is nothing special but it's surrounded by farmland and not far from reasonable civilization. We're at this location mostly to visit Jessica and Jon, but I'm sure we'll do some tourist stuff too.

We're still on cell-phone-modem for internet access but the signal is good, so more updates should be forthcoming. The satellite dish should arrive soon - yahoo! Our plan is to stay here through Monday morning, then head south to the D.C. area.

Posted by Mitch at May 5, 2004 11:57 PM

Hey! I just realized that we can post comments. Cool! I think I'll be totally annoying and post a comment for each and every one of your entries... I'm glad you're having a great time so far, and I'm totally jealous about the Indian buffet!!!

Posted by: Debbie at May 13, 2004 06:07 PM

Guys, I have a brother who lives in Woodbine, NJ. If you get to Cape May, which is at the tip of NJ I thing you will find it worth while to take a carrage tour of the historic homes. It is a very old town.

Posted by: Dave St George at May 16, 2004 12:15 PM
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